The CPA firm of the future!

To this day, I remember my first accounting class I took in college. Not to date myself (but I am), this was during a wonderful age called “The 80’s!” I just remember having multiple ledger sheets laying across my desk trying to figure out debits and credits. Back then for a CPA firm partner, the challenge was, “where do I store all these ledgers sheets of our clients?”

Today, storage is still the concern, but it A LOT more digital. So what does the CPA firm of the future look like?

Well, let’s start with where the CPA firm is today and the challenges that exist. Most CPA firms have the typical brick and mortar office layout: Partners and Principles have their own office while staff and administration are in cubicles, which means you’ve got a huge facility that’s costing you tens of thousands of dollars per month. Business for accountants has evolved from clients coming to you, to, you going to your clients! This results in new challenges for the CPA firm moving forward: where do you centralize client information for quick, secure, mobile access, AND, what do you do with all the vacant office space?

If your staff members aren’t even spending time in the office, why spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on a huge facility? Also, you are missing out on talented accountants who may live within an hour from your office, but with traffic and family obligations, choose a competing CPA firm to work at just for that convenience.

The CPA firm of the future will reduce major operational expenses by reducing their physical office space and either moving all or parts of their entire network infrastructure to a datacenter. I have assisted a few accounting firms with planning and implementing these changes and by doing so it will allows a CPA firm to:

Reduce physical office space when your lease is up: Let’s face it: office space is one of your biggest expenses, yet it’s not necessary when you move to a datacenter (cloud if you like that terminology) and allow staff to remotely work – giving you major cost savings. Plus, the cloud saves you money through:

  • An affordable flat-rate monthly fee wherein you pay for what you use, and nothing more.
  • No need to purchase expensive hardware – and no need to pay for maintenance/support for hardware.

Enhance collaboration amongst team members and clients: The cloud lets you share information in a secure, simpler manner with your team members and clients – from any device or location, as long as there’s an Internet connection. Plus:

  • Clients have secure access to financial files, including tax returns, important statements, and other information.
  • Staff members can easily access line-of-business applications, such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage Accpac, and more.

Keep operations going when disaster strikes: Whether a malware infection, hardware failure, or natural disaster occurs, you don’t have to worry because everything you need is stored at a datacenter, which means you’re able to easily:

  • Move to another location with Internet connection and continue accessing all of the data and applications you need.
  • Recover quickly from data loss, as all information will automatically be backed up.

And of course, you’re able to allow staff members to work remotely – embracing mobility more than ever before. This also opens your firm to have the ability to hire the best talent, regardless if they are in your geographical footprint, allowing your firm to expand and increase revenues!

When it comes to thinking about your firm and the future of it, whether you’re looking to move to the cloud 100% or leverage a hybrid cloud solution wherein you have some resources in the cloud and some on-premise, you need a professional IT services and consulting firm to have a thorough business discussion with you to plan these type of changes.

In summary, the CPA firms that take advantage of this will reduce operational expenses, improve deliverability/service to their clients, improve the productivity and efficiency of their staff, and secure/protect their vital client information. Not only will moving your CPA into the future reduce operational expenses, it will increase revenues by making your workforce more mobile, allowing you to hire talent in different geographies and increase your client base!

If you want to position your CPA firm for these benefits, just as your clients rely on your for your professional services and expertise, you need an IT firm that does the same. Your CPA firm requires more than a computer support company simply reacting to issues as they occur. You need an IT partner that takes care of your technology in a proactive manner; an IT partner that understands your business challenges and can take your firm into the future.

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