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But Your Business Isn’t!

Get One Month of IT Services Absolutely FREE!

All You Have to Do is Sign Up While School’s Out – Between June 22nd and August 31st! –

Schools out for summer… but your business isn’t – and that means you need your technology to work at it’s best, in order to keep you operating efficiently and serving your clients properly. Are you getting tired of your IT company:

  • Not answering your calls or getting back to you right away
  • Lacking the proactive approach needed to prevent issues once and for all
  • Having a revolving door of technicians who don’t know your company

One Source Imaging Solutions knows a lot of businesses aren’t getting the responsive service they deserve. That’s why we’re offering one month of IT services absolutely FREE if you sign up during the summer! Call (800) 875-_8843 or send us an email: [email protected].

Just imagine: no more downtime, no more viruses, and no more IT guy’s dirty looks! Our clients don’t have to imagine this – they experience it each and every day; and now, so can you – all while receiving an entire month of IT services without spending a dime!

Out for summer, out ‘til fall, after OSIS, you won’t go back to your old IT company at all!

We have one simple goal: to provide a strategy and competitive edge for all of our clients! How do we do this? We proactively manage your network, help you create an effective technology strategy, and manage all aspects of your technology. Our IT services let you rest assured knowing we’ll:

  • Be responsive to your needs and never leave you in the dark; whenever you call, we’ll answer the phone and start resolving issues as soon as possible.
  • Stay proactive through regular monitoring and maintenance designed to discover and eliminate problems before they even arise – greatly reducing downtime.
  • Offer guidance to help you better understand your technology and get a greater ROI – we’ll guide you and constantly look for new ways to make you operate more efficiently.

You get more than one month of free IT services – you get a technology partner that’s dedicated to helping you grow and succeed!