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Month: July 2014

With so many businesses switching to the web for their company needs, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest security measures and procedures to ensure no data loss occurs. A recent Gartner study found that 90% of that companies that suffer major data loss close within two years and that 80% of […]

Does your company struggle with finding committed and loyal workers to hire? Are you tired of wasting your time on people that don’t represent your business the way you want! Well, look no further than the World Wide Web! Social media is an invaluable tool that can assist in all your hiring needs. Just as […]

In an age with such heavy dependence on Internet usage and computers, more and more users are looking to encrypt their personal data. Why? Because anytime you are posting your information, you are potentially susceptible to attacks, hacking, or identity theft. Unlike the real world, we can’t just take a shredder to all our important […]

Accusations have recently been made that Apple has intentionally built a backdoor on 600 million iOS devices. Apple argues that this backdoor is meant for IT and troubleshooting purposes only. They go on to argue that this backdoor cannot be accessed without user consent. Jonathan Zdziarski a forensic researcher argues otherwise. At the recent Hackers […]

Self-destructing communication apps are currently on the rise, and it’s no wonder – living in a technologically advanced generation we are always looking for new ways to communicate in safer ways. Cyber Dust is a recent app that allows users to send text messages that self-destruct in 30 seconds, leaving absolutely no digital finger print, […]

After a rocky start, Chromebooks are starting to make a comeback.  The offline capabilities of Chrome OS are impressive, and Chromebooks are now widely available from Dell, Acer, HP, Toshiba, and Samsung at reasonable price points. Chromebooks are able to tackle many needs like sending emails and even watching movies offline. However, these capabilities are […]

A critical design flaw has been uncovered in Microsoft’s Active Directory. Microsoft insists that any issues with the Active Directory have been long known and that they are in the process of repairing any flaws. However, in a recent phone interview, Tal Be’ery, vice president of research at Aorato said that, “The dire consequences we […]

Jocelyn Samuels, who serves as the Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the US Department of Justice, has been named the director of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the unit within the US Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) that enforces HIPAA compliance. As she takes on her new […]