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Month: April 2015

Sometimes hackers go much further than trying to steal financial or business information; this is one of those cases. The Virginia Information Technologies Agency is talking to the board of elections and asking that they immediately stop use of their electronic voting devices. An examination revealed the system is lacking strong credentials and encryption. The […]

We know what you’re thinking; hiring a family friend or kid from the neighborhood to deal with your IT support sounds like a good idea.  It’s cheap, for one thing, and you probably feel like you’re helping a friend out. But getting inferior service means putting your entire business at risk, settling for less and […]

Finding the right IT partner shouldn’t have to be such a struggle. There are horror stories out there f terrible technology teams: calls not being returned, data not being released, poor IT support ruining businesses. But not every IT partner out there is like that. There are plenty of IT teams that work with you, […]

Having the best IT solutions will do nothing for your business without proper support for your technology. Are you still settling for less? We know that all you want is for your business to function effectively and without hassle. You can’t wait around for support when issues arise; it’s time you start getting the services […]

Do you ever think about how important having properly installed firewalls is to your security? We talk about so many means of protection that something as seemingly simple as a firewall may seem like an insignificant piece of your security puzzle, but that’s not the case. Having a strong firewall means keeping dangerous online threats […]

By Keith Marchiano, Regional Vice-President of IT KYOCERA Intelligence I often think about the future of technology and how technology will impact businesses over the next ten years.  One area where we see significant change is the desktop.  How does the future of technology impact business today and into the future?  How can you prepare for change […]

Getting the right IT means the difference between just getting by and thriving. We know it can be hard to find the right company to outsource your businesses IT, but we also know it’s not impossible. Asking the right questions will give you the proper knowledge to pick the best IT to fit your needs. […]

Are you keeping up with critical system updates to ensure your business stays protected? Microsoft has released a patch for a critical vulnerability in the Windows HTTP protocol stack. Known as HTTP.sys, it could have disastrous consequences once it’s publicly exploited. The latest bulletin features four critical updates issued by Microsoft. They warn that exploiting […]