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Month: May 2015

Google isn’t exactly a small business (understatement of the year, right?). That’s why so many people seem to have horror stories about being unjustly banned from Gmail. While the majority of the people who get barred from the service deserve it, there are also thousands of people that get locked out of their accounts for […]

Some Kids do stupid things. Sometimes! One example is the fainting game, which involves kids intentionally knocking themselves out by hyperventilating or having a friend choke them out because they mistakenly think it will get them high for a minute. The internet is especially troubling to parents… god forbid little Jimmy finds a .pdf of […]

For most businesses, information technology can be overwhelming – causing more problems than it’s worth because their systems aren’t properly monitored, maintained, and aligned with their goals and objectives. Why should you hire a vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)? A vCIO gives you ongoing support and guidance – putting a strategic plan in place while […]

Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD) is a general term for a group of genetic muscle diseases that have an onset at birth, or shortly after birth. Those diagnosed with CMD tend to spend a portion or all of their lives in a wheelchair – requiring support to eat and breath. There are no treatments or cures […]

A case is currently making its way through the court system that I believe should cause all corporate executives to reexamine their data security protocols. The former IT manager for a company in the Chicago area has been charged with several counts of computer fraud and illegal wire interception. The U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges that […]

 If Not, You’re Putting Your Clients at Risk! When you’re handling your clients’ finances, it’s your job to think of the future. Whether you’re helping clients invest wisely, ensuring they’re filing taxes on time, or simply keeping enough money in the bank for that inevitable rainy day, you’re responsible for a big part of their […]

Doing a favor for your family is great – but at what cost to your business? Don’t burn yourself because you’re too willing to be kind. You may think you’re making a good decision hiring your brother-in-law to take care of your business network; he’s probably charging you below-average, and he could use the work. […]

As mobile devices continue to gain in acceptance for business use, and as more workplaces embrace the mobility of their workforce, the need for cloud-based file sharing will continue to grow. The main thing holding back an even greater acceptance by corporate users is concern over the safety of data housed within the cloud. They […]