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Month: June 2015

Every business needs IT support. But how can you afford support that’s actually effective? Enterprises might have the funds to staff an in-house IT department with top-tier talent, but SMBs are often limited by a more modest budget and find themselves stuck choosing between inexperienced and ineffective support or no support at all (until something […]

In general, MSPs failed to become more knowledgeable about HIPAA compliance because many of their clients already were. It should come as no surprise that MSPs also failed to understand the difference between HIPAA and HITECH. However, instead of closing the knowledge gap, they’ve merely resolved to provide reactive solutions to their clients. This method […]

Medical service providers will need to seriously evaluate and beef up their IT security protocols if they hope to pass the HIPAA security audit. As many as 79% of covered entities may likely fail to pass this HIPAA audit if they don’t prepare beforehand, and can be subject to a variety of fines for failing […]

Hackers succeeded in stealing security-clearance records with sensitive data about millions of American military and intelligence personnel. To understand the weight of this security breach, consider that the process to receive federal security clearance is a rigorous and invasive one. For instance, applicants are required to disclose mental illnesses, finances, bankruptcy filings, criminal records, and all […]

While financial projections are extremely important for allocating capital resources, they are by no means an exact science. Nonetheless, there are five apps that can help you plan effectively for your company’s financial future: PlanGuru. Cost: $99 to $799 one-time license fee. Though the price tag seems exorbitant, there is a medium-priced deal available that […]

Here’s the Top Questions You NEED to Ask Yourself to Find Out! When companies don’t have the right technology strategy in place to achieve the best possible business outcomes, they fall behind their competitors and get left behind. It’s that simple. Technology is ever evolving – when was the last time you reviewed your technology […]

Do you know what an online security breach will actually cost you? Know this: it isn’t cheap. It’ll cost you an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from data loss, and thousands of files are compromised in the average attack, so you’re looking at a six or seven-figure hit from just a single […]

Showcasing Our 3D Printing Technology to Inspire Today’s Youth! On Monday, June 18th, 2015, KYOCERA Intelligence (OSIS) brought 2 volunteers and 15 children into our office to view our 3D printing technology – helping them understand the impact technology has on business and everyday life while inspiring today’s youth to reach their full potential in […]