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Month: September 2015

Guess Who’s Making It Easy to Pre-Order Your Caffeine Fix from Your Smartphone? If You Guessed Starbucks… You Guessed Right! If the thought of having to wait in line for more than 52 seconds for your beloved caffeine concoctions causes you to fly into panic attack mode, you are about to be very happy. Starbucks […]

Improve Your Bottom Line with Trusted Managed Services When you’re looking for the most effective managed services for your business, there are a lot of things to consider. Many IT companies offer generic services with unreliable support; we know that just won’t cut it. KYOCERA Intelligence provides businesses in Baltimore with managed services that are […]

The new Windows 10 has been available for sometime now, and a few of the system’s quirks have already surfaced. This list outlines 6 of the new operating systems most inconvenient or concerning quirks, ranging in severity that users should be aware of: #1. Overly Simplified Start Menu The start screen on Windows 8 and […]

The new operating system Windows 10 is still full of issues and bugs that need to be fixed, despite the quick pace and hard work of Microsoft where beta testing and patching is concerned. Most of these issues are directly related to third party apps. Compiled here is a comprehensive list of some of the […]

Before Your Head Explodes, Unearth the Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Fighting 5 Crippling Sources of Stress That Plague the Self-Employed There’s no doubt about it – being a business owner small or large comes with the feeling of stress. Considering the fact that these people must keep doors open, employees paid, customers happy, electricity on, their business […]

You’re Not the Only One Craving More Information on Windows 10 Updates! Microsoft is being petitioned by Windows 10 customers to be given more details about the new operating system’s updates, and they are using Microsoft’s very own feature request forum as a platform. The original post is from late August, and as of early […]

When the Going Gets Tough… These 5 Gadgets Are Tougher Than Nails. If you’re like most, you tend to put your electronic devices through an immense amount of daily abuse. Whether your smartphone finds it way to the floor several times in a day, or your tablet enjoys taking bungee dives off the desk, you […]

Given a wide range of Windows 10 trade-offs and shortcomings you may be better off sticking with Windows 7 or 8.1. We have learned many valuable lessons in our years of providing IT services and support and are definitely of the opinion that the newest and most expensive technology isn’t always necessarily the best. With […]