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Month: October 2015

Well, after 6 months of rumors and 3 years of waiting for a major upgrade, Apple’s latest release of their streaming-TV box – known as Apple TV is finally here, but it isn’t just for streaming anymore. For its latest fourth generation release, which ships this week, it brings anything you could possibly do on […]

A controversial cyber bill, CISA, which at one time was considered a zombie bill, has passed the US Senate on Oct 27, 2015. What does this mean for your business in Baltimore?   The bill is stated to improve United States’ cybersecurity through the enhanced collaboration and sharing of information about cyber security to prevent […]

A form of cyber-attack that holds information as well as devices hostage in exchange for a ransom is becoming increasingly popular amongst the attackers. Read on to learn more about the method of attack, how ransomware is changing, and if it is a threat that you and your users should be taking seriously. Using hacking […]

In the 20th century was the advent of the copier, which towards the late 1990’s, evolved into the digital copier. The copier and printer industries began to compete and that was very good for businesses. Recent developments in digital document management software have some copier and printer manufacturers seeing change on the horizon and pondering […]

Adobe is in the news once again – releasing their important software updates for the following: Flash Acrobat Reader The company has put out a whopping 69 security updates in an attempt to fix multiple security bugs recently found in the program. Updating your Adobe is a must as they repair holes where malicious viruses […]

Today is the day Marty McFly arrives from the past, so we’re wondering, how accurate was the film at predicting what life and technology would look like in 30 years? Film fans know the date well, October 21, 2015. The movie depicted a world full of fascinating technology, including hover boards, self lacing shoes, flying […]

MRW Lawns, located in LaPlata, Maryland, is a family owned lawn care company. They began discussions with our sales representative in October 2014 as their leases on 3 printer/copiers were coming to maturity in March of 2015. As Chris, sales representative, began these discussions, he uncovered that MRW Lawns was looking to be more efficient […]

After nearly a year of buzz and hype, this summer Microsoft unveiled their Windows 10 operating system (OS) with a bevy of new features to help home users and businesses alike do more with their technology. Now a few months later, Microsoft revealed their new line of hardware that will features the OS, with their […]