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Month: December 2015

In the new year, a lot of talk turns to the trends of the year to come. With so much talk of where things are headed, it is a great opportunity for law firms to take a closer look at potential options, technology, and processes that will improve practices. This year is no different, and […]

As technology advances, so do the methods hackers use to victimize businesses both large and small. While the government focuses on cyberterrorism, automobile or medical device hacking, and infrastructure threats, businesses need to proactively prepare for new emerging threats (mobile computing, social media, cloud computing) but also more traditional security challenges (termination processes, password management, […]

Pandora, the popular international Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer has been identified as a phishing target this holiday season according to the Comodo Antispam Labs team. This malware attack can come to your inbox disguised as a harmless email from a fictional reseller in possession of Pandora jewelry, hoping to sell the product at a […]

Is Your Organization Ready for the Upcoming Years Security Threats? Over the past couple decades, cyber threats have gone from a minor annoyance to a major recurring and increasing challenge. What would once just damage your computer, has now evolved into a threat that can destroy your technology, your livelihood, and expose your and your […]

As many as one-third of all CEOs, as well as a staggering 43% of management teams, are seriously lacking knowledge about cyber security issues. Statistics show that 79% of all IT security professionals are reporting on compliance metrics to demonstrate the effectiveness of security programs while more than half feel that threat detection metrics is […]

Using This One Simple Groundbreaking Tool If there was one simple groundbreaking tool that would allow you to expand your business – and your bank account – would you use it? It seems like everything is revolving around the cloud lately – from servers to data to applications, most computing resources can be found in […]

There are constantly reports of healthcare organizations falling victim to hacking. In the last three years alone, 42.5% of all data breaches occurred in the healthcare industry, and a staggering 91% of all healthcare organizations have reported at least one data breach in the previous two years. Why is the theft of millions of health […]

Small businesses take pride in their ability to provide a more personal level of services for their customers. But how does a small business manage to promote mobility for their staff to do their jobs from any device or location? What about handling the security and confidentiality of information on a limited budget? Cloud computing […]