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Month: January 2016

We all know the old saying, but when it comes to locking up your important data, this is a dangerous idea. Passwords are your first line of defense against unauthorized users when it comes to safeguarding your company’s most privy files. You might decide to use an easy-going password if your memory isn’t the greatest, […]

Your Microsoft Surface Pro’s AC Power Cord Might be on Recall Microsoft is doing a voluntary recall for AC power cords sold with Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3 prior to March 15th, 2015. This recall qualifies for AC power cords that have been bent, twisted, pinched or wrapped tightly. A […]

Although so far it’s merely speculation, there are some pretty exciting rumors attached to the release of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Ranging from an edge-to-edge display, waterproof body and wireless charging, the iPhone 7 is bound to be vastly different one way or another, regardless of the rumors. With talk of removing […]

REVEALED: The Hidden Secret Netflix Has Been Keeping from You! Netflix has quickly become the populations favorite pastime, with viewers accounting for one third of all data usage during peak hours. After so many hours of screen time, one might think they have seen almost everything there is to see on site, however, this isn’t […]

There has been much discussion as of late regarding a major update by Microsoft, for Windows 10, called Redstone. The intent of this update was to buff and polish, creating what the company would have liked to see in the initial release of the OS. There is still a great deal to learn about the […]

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know just how valuable time is. You also know how hard it is to manage on your own without any help. Thankfully, there are apps out there that can help you with various aspects of time-management, most being efficient and cost-effective. Managing your time doesn’t have to be stressful anymore, […]

As Apple faces a lawsuit for sluggish software, a “tapping tip” is making rounds on Twitter. What originally seemed like a strange hoax circulating turned out to be a helpful tip for those struggling with slow iPhones. As reported by BetaNews, the tip began as a way to clear stuck app updates in the App […]

A new year is upon us, and with that brings many changes. Cybersecurity is no exception, and discussed below are some predictions regarding the direction cybersecurity will take in the new year: Android Threats Will Become a Reality 2016 will see a rise in the number of Android threats being exploited. The Android platform contains […]