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Month: March 2016

Though Apple is famous for its easy to use computers and extensive security, the company suffered a setback this past week with its first ever “ransomware” attack. Hackers who have yet to be identified infected multiple versions of Apple’s “Transmission” program. Transmission is a tool that allows Mac users to transfer data to one another […]

Managed IT services are a great outsourcing option that can save money and improve efficiency for service firms, such as doctor’s offices, law, and accounting firms. Service firms that hire outsourced managed IT services from managed service providers (MSPs) don’t have to worry about staffing an IT person or department, which allows service firms to […]

In February 2016, hackers intruded in the computer network of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. After encrypting sensitive medical information, the hackers and the hospital negotiated a ransom of $17,000 to return the files. The hackers were able to get into the hospital’s system through a malicious file called ransomware. Ransomware is […]

When it comes to data backup, there is one thing that should never come into question: Should you? The answer is that yes, no matter what you do, by all means backup data. There are too many things that can happen to data that isn’t backed up, and there are too many horror stories about […]

Don’t be an April Fool on March 31. Make sure all your important business data is 100% protected. World Backup Day is March 31, 2016. On Aug. 3, 2012, Wired journalist Mat Honan’s entire digital life was ruined. How? Hackers broke into Mat’s iCloud account and deleted everything, wiping out his phone, computer and tablet. […]

Cherry Hill, NJ – March 2, 2016. This past winter, KYOCERA Intelligence spent time renovating our office in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Our team utilizes the space as a showroom and office for our management and sales team who support Central and Southern New Jersey, Delaware, and the Greater Philadelphia Region. On March 2nd, 2016, we […]

Strategic and effective budgeting is absolutely crucial for any operations – regardless of the size of your business or the industry you’re working in. For a small business, it’s especially true that effective budgeting is a prime concern: you need to make the best investments to maximize your budget and get the absolute best ROI. […]

The world celebrates St. Patrick’s day by doing a variety of quirky things. In Chicago they die the river green—a tradition that started back in 1961, just five years after the city’s first St. Patty’s day parade. Across the world, inhabitants of New London dress up as leprechauns and change highway signs to read “New […]