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Month: May 2016

When a large and busy company is paired with an external IT management company the relationship between the company and the vendor should be a functional partnership not conflictive or antagonistic. Unfortunately for a long-established and successful supplier in South Maryland, this was not always the case. As this thriving company continued to grow, a […]

It’s easy to think of Memorial Day as a convenient day off in a busy calendar and the start of summer, but we suggest you take a step back and think a bit harder about it. Millions of men and women have put their lives on the line to defend our collective way of life. […]

Facebook finally enters the live streaming game with its aptly named Facebook Live Streaming feature. As with most Facebook tools, the real utility of Facebook Live Streaming is in its marketing capability, not its personal or social front. Here is what you need to know to step up your marketing with Facebook Live Streaming. Consolidate […]

Too many other IT companies in Southern MD offer generic solutions with slow, unresponsive support – and that’s not only frustrating, but it could also be dangerous. They also lack consistent billing and timely delivery on the service and financial promises they make, harming the small business budget.

You figure you have all the “cybersecurity” bases covered–firewalls, dedicated servers, antivirus protection, etc.–but something still nags at your CEO’s business-savvy mind after every work day. Could it be you are realizing IT security means more to you and your SME than just protection from viruses and cyber crimes? Yes, “IT security” goes much further […]

Should company executives be held accountable for data breaches? It is a question currently being asked in business and legal circles around the world. The threat of digital security breaches is quickly ramping upward as we hurtle forward into the age of the Internet and the computerization of just about everything. About One-Third of IT […]

CFOs and finance VPs typically focus on investor relationships, financial reports and SEC compliance, but in light of rising cyber threats toward small and medium enterprises, their purview also needs to include cybersecurity. Without an adequate understanding of cyber security, its risks and their financial implications for the company, a CFO cannot guide an organization […]

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) came into effect in 2000 and is focused on preventing children’s access to harmful or obscene content over the internet. This act imposes specific requirements on schools that receive discounts for internet access through the E-rate program. Its guidelines are centered on internet filtering and internet safety policy. The […]