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Month: August 2016

The fascination and utility of cloud-based services continue unabated for individuals and organizations looking to cut down on work time and increase productivity. Perhaps nowhere is this embodied better than in Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, which bundles all the utility and features of Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and other Microsoft favorites into one data management center. […]

Keith Marchiano, regional Vice President of I.T. for KYOCERA Intelligence, is very active in his church and community, particularly as a member of Father Maurice J. Wolfe Council of the Knights of Columbus in Abingdon, Maryland and Harford County. Over his last nine years as a member, he has served in many leadership roles, even […]

Virtually every enterprise transmits some sensitive data via email at some point during the year. This data might have been accidentally sent or it might have been intercepted, which could result in a costly data breach. This unwanted result, combined with the all-too-common knowledge that human error is the top reason for a data breach, […]

It appears that, sadly, there has been a proliferation of eBay scams occurring as of late. Although it’s not shocking or surprising that the online auction site is being abused by some users, it’s dismaying nonetheless. We should come to expect it, however, as such a huge database is bound to attract bad apples, just […]

A workplace that experiences a high level of transparency and security may not seem possible, but if the right social environment and work standards are applied, your business can at least get that much closer to such a state. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, there are literally millions of workers in the U.S. who […]

Overlooking Printer Security Is Costly It may not be as high-profile a part of your data network infrastructure, but printers are a viable security threat, if access and permissions are not iron-clad. This may come as a surprising wake-up call to many people, who have taken for granted that printers aren’t as security-vulnerable as other parts […]

Google Apps Create ‘iPad Only at Work’ Possibilities The constant improvement and number of Google apps is now allowing more and more of us to be able to work solely on an iPad. Workplaces may soon see significantly more open desk space many departments make the conversion to iPad-only work environments. Graphics departments, however, will […]

Imagine if your CEO or CFO or other occupants of your company were successfully hacked? How much of your files would be jeopardized? If just thinking about this scenario makes you ill, there are some preventative measures you can take. Measures to Protect the “C” Suite People in the executive suite are driven folks who […]