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Month: August 2018

More and more financial institutions like accounting firms and wealth management offices are looking into the viability of moving company and client data stores to the cloud. However, many are clinging to fears about doom-and-gloom Cloud myths. We’re here to set the record straight so your CPA firm can make the Cloud migration confidently. 

New Study Shows That the Global Cost of a Data Breach Is Up in 2018 The Ponemon Institute recently released its annual Cost of Data Breach Independent Study that was sponsored by IBM Security. This study included two new factors that impact data-breach costs: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the all-encompassing use of Internet of Things […]

What Is UEM and Cloud Security? As technological devices continue to diversify, there is increased demand for streamlining control systems for security. According to Techopedia, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is a new digital system that integrates the range of devices that are available for use now, combining this wide range of software within a single […]

This is an open call to all Baltimore CEOs and CFOs who are interested in taking part in an exclusive and informative business event. We will be highlighting the top strategies for scaling your business efficiently and with finesse. Join us to learn how to best implement these strategies and avoid the common pitfalls associated with business expansion and growth.

Microsoft’s M12 has recently announced the launch of the Female Founders Competition, a startup initiative aimed at rewarding startup companies founded by women. It will not only identify top female talent within the startup industry but also seek to accelerate venture capital funding for companies headed by women entrepreneurs across the globe. Female Founders Competition […]

The intel is in, and we’ve checked our sources. White House rumors are real, and the speculations are over. Just three short blocks from the President, at 1025 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 1000, long time Washington D.C. IT Firm, KYOCERA Intelligence, is closer, if called upon, to protect the Commander-in-Chief and still provide High-Level IT protection for existing clients in the DC Metro area.

What Do We Know About Terminal Fault (L1TF) Chip Vulnerabilities? Understanding The L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) Intel has recently confirmed L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) chip vulnerabilities in its processors that can be manipulated by malware and malevolent virtual machines with the intention of stealing private information from a computer’s memory. Who or What is Vulnerable? […]

Is It Safe For Me To Use The Airport’s Public Wi-Fi When I Travel? Most airports around the U.S. and abroad provide free Wi-Fi service to travelers stranded in their terminals, waiting for their flights. While this service may appear to be generous, a recent study by Coronet, a cybersecurity company, suggests you might want […]