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Month: October 2018

Microsoft Outlook makes it easy. If you are in an email, then click on the Message tab and Reply With Meeting. Then go ahead and update the invitation like you would any other meeting. Don’t forget about adding the attendees, time, location, then Send. It’s as simple as that. But wait! There’s more to meeting […]

There is no easy answer to how Philadelphia IT services companies work, other than “it depends”. With a proactive partner, you can define the competencies that you need to outsource and not be required to simply accept a set package of services that are offered on a monthly basis.

At the beginning of October 2018, Tabs3 Software announced that it had acquired CosmoLex. This makes it the most complete offering of its kind. “We are thrilled to welcome CosmoLex to the Tabs3 family as we continue to build the leading platform for practice and financial management software for solo to midsized law firms,” President […]

With support for Windows 7 ending soon, many business owners are trying to decide what to do. Though change can be unsettling, if you’re still using Windows 7, then you’ll benefit from switching over to the Windows 10 operating system.

As technology continues to evolve, those people threatening it adapt as well. This is also true in the legal sector where a breach in security can be devastating. Clients are demanding more from law firms by way of protection. Firms are scurrying to respond. Unfortunately, those offices with even the most advanced IT teams are […]

You hear on the news all the time about a company that was breached or hacked, and you may wonder if they have cyber insurance. But what does cyber insurance cover when this happens?

7 Cyberattack Facts This Halloween we’re celebrating by sharing some scary cyberattack facts. Why? Because, unfortunately, cyber attacks are increasing. The cyber threat landscape is rapidly becoming more of a concern. Not only are businesses seeing an increase in the number of attacks, but these cyber attacks are continuing to evolve.   Here are the […]

Attorneys in and around DC and Baltimore who want to compete in today’s technology-driven environment need up-to-date software solutions. This includes Practice Management Software. But, it’s often perplexing trying to decide which one to choose. This is when you need an IT Consultant who can help you ask the right questions and find answers for them – One who will assist with finding the practice management software that best fits your needs.