Preparing you for even the worst disasters that could otherwise set you back and cost you tons of money.

You know downtime simply isn’t an option when you have tons of customers to serve and projects to complete at any given time. There are far more threats than you probably realize – from malware infections to natural disasters to human errors – that lead to downtime. It could be as simple as your server failing and the downtime caused by having to procure and wait for a new server to be set up, configured, and installed! That’s why we protect you with business continuity planning you can depend on.

One Source Imaging Solutions provides business continuity planning that prepares you for even the worst disasters – ensuring you’re always up and running to stay profitable. Call (800) 875--8843 or email us at

If you’re not prepared for disaster, you’re left unable to meet the needs of those you serve during unexpected situations, which leaves you with significant loss of customer trust and reputational damage. That’s why we plan for the worst as we make sure:

  • Your environment is analyzed for vulnerabilities that might leave you unable to operate.
  • A business continuity plan is created to address those vulnerabilities properly.
  • All important files and applications are backed up onsite and in the cloud for quick recovery, and that you can access your server so you can continue to do business while things are restored at your office.
  • Backups are monitored around-the-clock and tested on a regular basis to prevent failure.
  • Key systems are moved to a cloud-based environment in our secure data center for accessibility at all times.

Stay prepared for disasters of all types with business continuity planning you can depend on. Contact One Source Imaging Solutions at (800) 875--8843 or email us at for more information.