Moving you to the cloud for lower costs, greater collaboration, and anytime, anywhere access.

The cloud is an exciting technology that’s game changing for businesses of all types and sizes, enabling access to important resources – from data to applications – from any device or location, as long as there’s an Internet connection. This brings distinct advantages to those looking to lower costs while achieving a greater ability to collaborate.

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The cloud lets you move important resources to a virtual environment that functions the same as your regular environment, but gives you the benefits of less costs associated with maintaining hardware, less time spent dealing with technology issues, and more. You’re able to:

  • Access data and applications from any device or location, in order to work on the go.
  • Scale easily as needed in terms of storage, users, and more without hassle or excessive expenses.
  • Maintain higher speed and reliability as systems aren’t bogged down by aging hardware and software.
  • Safeguard against downtime in the event of disaster as you’re able to restore everything quickly and get back to work.

One Source Imaging Solutions provides a multitude of cloud services, depending on what works best for your unique needs:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud-Based Data Backup/Storage
  • File Sharing Solutions
  • Specialty Applications/Services
  • And more

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