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Is Your Business On The Move? Let Us Help You Stay On Budget and Hassle-Free

The move to a new building is a big deal for any business. Whether you've outgrown your current space, or are upgrading to a location that better fits your needs and your brand, planning your move carefully is critical.
Computer Moves in Baltimore
Unlike buying a new house, you don't have the luxury of packing up at your own pace, or living out of boxes for a week or two afterwards. Your clients are still counting on you to be available when they need you, which means that your move needs to happen fast, with minimal downtime and zero setbacks. It's a lot to try and manage.
KYOCERA Intelligence is here to help. Fill out our quick form to receive your FREE copy of our Office Move Checklist. This checklist covers the entire moving process, touching on everything from what your timeline should look like, to how to best allocate your resources to make the transition to your new space as smooth as possible. And since we are an IT provider, the checklist also includes some great tips for getting your business' important technology up and running quickly, such as:
  • Contacting your IT provider well in advance to plan out the relocation of your network and systems
  • Making sure your Internet and phone service is hooked up and thoroughly tested BEFORE you cancel your old service
  • Creating a hard copy of all logins, passwords, and vendor contact information in case your network is down and you can't access them electronically
  • Testing all equipment and technology the day before your employees are scheduled to return to work
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